9 juni 2008

After looking around on the website of Microsoft Robotics i noticed a link the tells me to rumble withe robots.

After clicking on the links it wants me to install Silverlicht (If nobody wants to install it, just force it)

After the short installation of the plug-in the website RoboChamps loads. Now I have ascess to all kind of challanges with some serios prices winnning a 3200 dollar robot for example.

The first challange avalibe is amazed (word jokes a-maze-d) the challange is to:

Your first challenge, should you choose to accept it, is Amazed.

You’ll program a robot to navigate its way from one end of a maze to the other.
Sounds simple you say?

Did we forget to mention the maze is populated with obstacles and traps? Perfect for those new to Microsoft Robotics Studio, this challenge provides grounding in key skills you’ll need throughout the competition.

Sounds fun isn’t it.