18 augustus 2009

On tuesday the 18-08-2009 was the last day I would stay in Leiden before I leave to China.

As for the last day one of my room mates had prepared a big lunch. We had macaroni with mozzarella and tomatos also we had a plate with cucumber, tomatos and mozzarella and a bole with grapes. As desert we had some vanille and choclate ice cream.

Later that day I give the key of my room to my other room mate and some instruction how our internet works and how my radio clock works. Cause of the German renter of my room also wants to go on the internet and get up on time.

Then the moment of truth saying good bye for half a year. And my journey back to Leusden.

After waiting for a bus to bring me to the central station of Leiden.
The most worst tripe back to home started.
Some small information because of a technical failure of a communication system all the trains had some delay.

So i am standing on platform 5 waiting for the train I always take back to Leusden. Before i could make a picture it wend blanc and at the same time I get to hear that that train won’t going to bring me home.

Oke after waiting for 30 minutes finally a train that going to bring me to Schiphol. When I arrive at Schiphol again I have to wait for a train this time only 20 minutes this train brings me to Amersfoort without any problem only right before the station the train stops and have to wait 30 minutes before the train finally stops in Amersfoort itself.

In Amersfoort my dad was waiting till I would arrive and then we drove together to Leusden.
Yes @ home so now I can countdown until I leave to China.