19 augustus 2009

First of all, I’ve decided to do this blog in English since so many of you do not read or speak any Dutch. I want to apologize beforehand for any abuse of the English language since I’m not a native speaker. This blog is meant for my co-workers, members of CHECK-IT, family, friends and anyone interested in CHECK-IT.
Therefore I would like to ask you to moderate your language: all of your comments will be read by everybody following this blog. If you have anything private to tell me, please do so by email or facebook.

I am Michel Drenthe and studying on Hogeschool Leiden.
Going to be a member of the CHECK-IT project.

The project is split in smaller project and as far as i now i will be doing the CRM(Customer Realtionship Management) system.
Cause we are the first group there there is also some setting ups to do there. So where going to set up a documentation system and a way to make back-up of the writen software.