28 januari 2011

This week have been a week of big changes.
Last Sunday was my last day at KPN. After 1 year of service at location Amsterdam. The last day was there where I say goodbye to all my colleges.
Now that I have work at that location and gave money many times for leaving colleges where there was also a goodbye party. For me it was only a handshake and best wises. No envelope for me our a goodbye party.

Then this week really started.

On Monday I started to pack my stuff so it would be ready to be moved to a other location.

At 17:30 a friend arrived. So we went out going to eat pancakes together.

When we where finished and where back at my home my brother also had arrived.

At 20:00 my whole was packed and ready to drive to my parents place.

Around 21:30 we arrived there and empty everything and so i was back at my parents.

On Wednesday I had to go to school first and had my goodbye party for my neighbors. I also crashed at one of them cause of my empty room.

On Thursday I hand over my room key to the landlord and also left my bike without a lock at the train station (should be gone in 30 seconds)

On Friday I had a conversation with my school, whether i may go or not result is i may go and now that was all i needed to know from school.

On Saturday Did that last bit of shopping preparation. Sunday visit my Grandpa and Grandma or they visit me at my parents place.

Now for the last day in Netherlands on the airport i had to say goodbye to my parents and my little brother.

Little warning for my English readers this will be the last post in English. My dutch readers ar a much bigger group. Hope Google translate will help you.