9 juni 2008

Now that i have installed the studio i just opend it and drag everything to the daigram no clue what to do with it.

After a couple a munits playing with it i wanted to make some progress so instead off playing mare and got to the libery of robotics studio after reading some stuff i wanted to see stuff. and so i went to the presentations of Robotics studio called learn on there site.

You can chouse at the learning part for reading a lot off stuff or just click the video presentation.
Every presentation takes about 60 min and are whise to open in Internet Explorer because it use some Windows media player plugins that makes it a lot easyer to skip ore rewind it back.

Within the presentation the explain al lot and even show you how to do it in the studio it self.

Ow and yes the want to promote the Xbox360 more so we get to see the Xbox360 controller often. Just by pressing the A button.

I am still watching the video’s and like the keep telling me how great the program is and that it works withe services and messages and dont have to do some advanced programming to get some divese to work.

The also explain the have a virtual part where you can easly simulate your code so you dont have to use the excepensie robots everytime to debug your code.