9 juni 2008
First things first.You have to download Microsoft Robotics studio first.
In de new way Microsoft wants everyone the generate code so this time they made there program free to download from the Microsoft Robotics site.

Now i have to mansion i don’t use XP anymore i run full on Vista 32bit on my desktop and laptop. So every error where i bump in to will also solved on a Vista machine (Just to make you now).

After downloading the off-line version I started the installation. Some wird path it chose to install it want me to isntall it in my profile and not in program files. I choose also not to install it in prgram files becaus everytime you want to execute a debug or virtual envirement i have to run it when administration permissions. So instead i installed in “C:ToolsRobotics Dev Studio 2008”

Why i mansion? i made the mistake on my laptop and had to reinstall the Robotics dev studio again to get ride of the permissions boxed or wird errors when not running white permissions.

End of installation.

Requirement the installation metion on my laptop